LERMA. Séminaire « Critical Geographies » : Histories of space, spaces of history

Vendredi 12 mai 2017, 10h00-12h00.

Dans le cadre du séminaire « Critical Geographies », voici une conférence sur le thème « Histories of space, spaces of history ».
Invité : John Potts (Macquarie University, Australie) interviendra sur « The New Time and Space ».

John Potts is Professor of Media at Macquarie University, Australia, and a former Visiting Professor at Aix-Marseille I. His research interests include culture and technology, digital media, media history, contemporary arts, and intellectual history. He has published essays and articles on a wide variety of topics concerning media, culture, history and art, notably “The Theme of Displacement in Contemporary Art” (E-Rea 9.2 2012).  John is the author or editor of eight books, including The New Time and Space (2015), A History of Charisma (2009) and The Future of Writing (2014). He is a founding editor of Scan Online Journal of Media Arts Culture.

In the networked age, we are living with changed parameters of time and space. Mobile networked communication fosters a form of virtual time and space, which is super-imposed onto territorial space. Time is increasingly composed of interruptions and distractions, as smartphone users are overwhelmed by messages.
In the networked age, we are living with the changed parameters of time and space. When the local is instantly and effortlessly linked to the global, our sense of space and distance alters.
“John Potts’ latest book analyses how mobile phones, networked communications and freely accessible information ‘have contributed to a shift in the way we experience time and space’ (1) […] The crucial thesis of The New Time and Space is therefore not so much that “the medium is the message”, as was famously stated by Marshall McLuhan half a century ago, as that the technology of the medium affects the cognitive functions of its users” (Murat).
The New Time and Space was reviewed for E-rea by Jean-Christophe Murat (13.2 2016):  http://erea.revues.org.lama.univ-amu.fr/5088

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