LERMA. JE ‘Lived Religion, Lived Religion and the Book’

Programme C, thème C2 Religion vécue

Journée d’étude organisée à Londres en collaboration avec le Centre for Religion and Literature in English de Queen Mary University of London.
Organisatrices : Anne Page, Laurence Sterritt et Tessa Whitehouse

Matinée : méthodologie, analyses de textes et de cas d’étude sur la religion vécue
Après-midi : communications
Eyal Poleg (QMUL), ‘Enclosed and wrapped about with dust: A new look at the early modern Bible in England’
Aude de Mézerac (Lille), ‘Living the liturgy in Henry’s Reformation: evidence from massbooks’
Xenia von Tippleskirch (Humboldt), ‘Longing for Solitude – Between Text Knowledge and Aristocratic Self-understanding’
Liesbeth Corens (QMUL), ‘Catholic Minorities and Past Forms’
Johanna Harris (Exeter), ‘In the basket with the appells is The Returne of Prayer: shared reading and fruitfulness in Harley family puritanism.

Table ronde : ‘What can book studies bring to the history of lived religion?’ animée par Anne Dunan-Page, Laurence Lux-Sterritt et Tessa Whitehouse