LERMA. Conférence de David Carter « The circulation of books across Australia, Britain and the United-States »

Conférence, David Carter (University of Queensland, Brisbane), ‘The Two-Sided Triangle: The circulation of books across Australia, Britain and the United States’.

David Carter is Professor of Australian Studies and Cultural History at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. His research areas include Australian print cultures and periodicals, as well as studies in modernity and the middlebrow. He is the author of Dispossession, Dreams and Diversity: Issues in Australian Studies (Pearson, 2005); Always Almost Modern: Australian Print Cultures and Modernity (Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2013), Australian Books and Authors in the American Marketplace, 1840s-1950s (with Roger Osborne, Sydney University Press, 2018). He is co-editor, with Anne Galligan, of Making Books: Contemporary Australian Publishing (University of Queensland Press, 2007). David Carter is currently involved in two collaborative research projects: Australian Cultural Fields: National and Transnational Dynamics, a sociological study of Australian cultural tastes and participation, and Genre Worlds: Australian Popular Fiction in the 21st Century, a study of genre fiction publishing and genre communities.

Organisé par les équipes des thèmes « Passeurs du champ littéraire » et « Critical Geographies »‎

Contacts : Cécile Cottenet / Matthew Graves