LERMA. Colloque « Religion vécue »

Lived Religion in Europe 1500-1800: Individual and Communal Practice

Programme Expériences de la modernité dans l’espace transatlantique, XVII-XVIIIèmes siècles (BRITAIX17-18), en partenariat avec le Queen Mary Centre for Religion ad Literature in English
A virtual conference in collaboration between BRITAIX 17-18, (LERMA, Aix-Marseille University) and the Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English (QMCRLE, Queen Mary University of London)

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Organisation : Laurence Lux-Sterritt et Anne Dunan-Page

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Friday 15 October 2021
 9.45     Introduction
10.00 – 10.40             Introducing Lived Religion: the HEX project
·      Raisa Maria Toivo (University of Tampere, Finland): ‘Lived religion as history of experience: prayer and bodily experience in early modern Finland’ (Including a short presentations of HEX research center)
·      Sari Katajala-Peltomaa (Univeristy of Tampere, Finland): ‘Imagined experiences? Miracles, sermons and cultural scripts in Vadstena Abbey (c. 1370-1500)’
Chair: Laurence Lux-Sterritt
10.40 – 11.20             Questions & Answers
11.30 – 11.50             Early Career Researchers showcases
·         Claire Marsland: ‘ “Either none or very simple” : challenging perceptions of Catholic liturgical material practice 1560- 1620’
·         Liam Temple: ‘Encountering Catholicism and Capuchins at Somerset House’
·         Cormac Begadon: ‘A Lived Enlightenment: the  Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre at Liège, c.1740-1794’.
Chair : Claire Schiano-Locurcio
11.50 – 12.30            Questions & Answers

14.00- 14.40               The Centre for Privacy Studies
Mette Birkedal Bruun (University of Copenhagen), Natacha Klein Käfer (University of Copenhagen) and Søren Frank Jensen (University of Københauns): ‘Privacy and Lived Religion in the Early Modern Period’
Chair : Laurence Lux-Sterritt
14.40 – 15.20          Questions & Answers
16.00 – 16.30           Keynote from A. Walsham
‘Leaving Legacies: Memory Practices and Lived Religion in Early Modern England’.
Chair: Tessa Whitehouse
16.30 – 17.00          Questions & Answers

Saturday 16 October 2021
10.00 – 10.40             Lived Religion and Emotions
·        Linda Zampol d’Ortia (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italy): ‘Consolation and Wonder: Emotional paths to Catholic evangelization in sixteenth-century Japan
·        Susan Broomhall (University of Western Australia): ‘Living faith in disastrous times: Dutch East India Company men on the coast of the Southland’
Chair: Tessa Whitehouse
10.40 – 11.20          Questions & Answers
11.30 – 11.50             Early Career Researchers Showcase
·       Francesco Quatrini (University of Belfast, Northern Ireland), ‘Religion in the Early Enlightenment: The Importance of Religious Dissenters for the Seventeenth-Century Political Discourse’
·       Louise Deschryver (University of Leuven, Belgium): ‘Embattled Bodies: Death, the Senses and the Reformation in sixteenth-century Antwerp (1519-1589)
·       Eleanor Hedger (University of Birmingham, UK), ‘Soundscapes of Worship in the Early Modern English Prison’
Chair: Colin Harris (Aix-Marseille University, France)
11.50 – 12.30            Questions & Answers

14.00 – 14.40             Encounters with Islam
·       Charlie Beirouti (University of Oxford): ‘“The most superstitious, credulous, fabulous creatures alive”: John Covel (1638-1722) and Popular Religion in the Ottoman Empire’
·       Samera Hassan (Independent researcher), ‘Muslim Mysticism in Early Modern England: Anglican and Quaker Responses to Hayy ibn Yaqthan
Chair: Eva Joahann Holberg (University of Helsinki, Finland and Queen Mary University of London, UK)
14.40 – 15.20            Questions & Answers
16.00 – 16.30             Keynote from Kat Hill: (Birkbeck College, University of London, UK)
‘Upright repentance: discipline and disorderly lives of early modern         Mennonites’
Chair: Anne Page
16.30 – 17.00            Questions & Answers