CIVIS. Séminaire ISSMDA / Maison Française d’Oxford

Conférence de Johannes ANGERMULLER
« Facism 2.0. Or the affective logics in right-wing discourse on social media »

Johannes ANGERMULLER, Professor of Discourse, Languages and Applied Linguistics (Open University)
dans le cadre de l’International Seminar on Social Media Discourse Analysis (ISSMDA)

The rise of extremist right-wing leaders and movements is shaking up democracies all over the world. In my contribution, I will discuss this development in the context of a return of fascism. Fascism mobilised affective energies in the 1930s and those energies are unleashed once more again in contemporary social media discourse. Existing rationalist discourse theories often miss the affective dimension of fascist discourses. I will therefore go back to conceptualisations of fascism inspired by Critical Theory, psychoanalysis and poststructuralism for which discourse is not just about the rational negotiation of ideas, values and interests. I will relate these theoretical and historical considerations to some examples of contemporary populist discourse and ask how to account for the affective dimension in social media discourse.

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Discutant : Grégoire LACAZE (AMU)

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6 février 2023 16:30 / 18:30